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Were You Selected for Sexual Abuse? – Boy in the Barn: Journey of Triumph Over Horrific Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse, and PTSD

Were You Selected for Sexual Abuse?

As a male childhood sexual abuse victim, did you ever wonder why this happened to me? That is, why were you selected for sexual abuse?

Was there a target on your head as a child that made you more susceptible to sexual abuse?

I have often pondered this question and still don’t have the answers, but I have some clues.

Some clues followed the stereotypical male sexual abuse victims’ patterns, and others were not obvious.

Hi, this is Kurt B. Ellis, an author who self-publishes with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. I am a childhood sexual abuse survivor who wrote this novel to share my story.

My novel’s title is “Boy in the Barn: Journey of Triumph Over Horrific Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse, and PTSD.”

This novel was based on my life. It begins with my horrible childhood and continues through my remarkable journey of survival and recovery.

Stay tuned, and let me share why I feel I was selectively targeted for sexual abuse.

Why Was I Targeted?

My sexual abuse began when I was six and lasted for eleven years.

I was groomed and sexually abused for years by my sadistic brother. He then pimped me out to a pedophilic satanic cult he was a member of. This ended after I was useless to them when I sexually matured at seventeen.

My father was a workaholic and emotionally distant. As a result, I grew up not feeling loved by him. My mother was loving but also quite controlling. She did, however, try to compensate for his lack of attention. As a result, our family was quite dysfunctional.

I was the second male child born within a group of five children. I was the youngest. My older brother was extremely jealous of me and prone to extremes of manipulation, coercion, and violence. My three sisters and I feared my brother and father.

I was short and petite, always the smallest male in my class. I was also years behind in my physical development and sexual maturation.

I was a precocious child but not street-smart. I was perhaps a bit more naïve and gullible than most other kids my age.

I desperately wanted to be accepted by my peers and to fit in. I always felt like a bit of a loner. I wanted male friends and to have a positive male role model in my life.

My brother saw my weaknesses and took advantage of me. And once I became his sexual property, I was caught in a continuous cycle of shame, embarrassment, guilt, and further coercion and manipulation.

I was sexually abused multiple times each day for years. My complete silence was ensured with threats of violence and threats that they would also abuse my sister if I did not fully cooperate. He and the cult members knew I loved my sister and would do almost anything to protect her.

So I hope you can see the patterns which are common in sexually abused boys: absent or emotionally absent father, dysfunctional family, short petite stature and slow physical development, not street smart, a bit of a loner, hungry for male friends and male connections, low self-esteem and self-worth, easily manipulated, controlled and extorted.

Let this be a lesson to all young boys’ parents, loved ones, and guardians. Be on your guard for how sexual predators specifically target boys, the characteristics they are looking for, and how they go about securing their silence. Be on your guard to ensure that the sexual predation of children stops.

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My inspiring LGBTQIA+ coming-of-age story is about hope, courage, and the resilience of the human spirit.

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In summary, you will need to read my novel to learn more about how I was selected to be a sexually abused child. But also how I survived. And went on to make the best out of my life, regardless of my horrid childhood.

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