Kurt B. Ellis

Science Fiction and Contemporary Fiction Author

Book 1 of Series: Earth, Altered Existence

“The entire concept would make a fantastic movie!” – Satisfied reader

“I thought the world building was especially good!” – Satisfied reader

Very good read. Pretty raw but, so is life!” – Satisfied reader

The ambrosia of women’s revenge couldn’t be sweeter.

Great Mother, the all-omnipotent Earth goddess, destroys her Earth to start the world anew. During the post-apocalyptic doom, men repeat what they’ve done for millenniums; they go to war and do savage and horrible things to women and girls.

Great Mother gives women all the power and control to punish men for eternity.

Cara, Great Mother’s vessel on Earth, leads the surviving women to restart society to right past wrongs. But ultimately, the women want revenge. And the men are clueless.

A rigid and dystopian matriarchal society is created. In New Pangaea, everyone knows their place, and elimination awaits anyone that is not fit or productive.

This new matriarchal society shows no bounds to men. Women’s relentlessly cruel and reprehensible revenge will know no limits.

What People are Saying ...

Testimonial #1

New Pangaea offers a fresh take on a post apocalyptic world ruled by the matriarchy. Mother Earth gets her revenge after instilling new foundations into society. The entire concept would make a fantastic movie! There are some pretty big surprises in this book that I was not expecting, but left me with thinking about what the world would be like if this actually played out in real life.

Testimonial #2

New Pangaea was a very good read. Pretty raw but, so is life. Makes you “question” current context. And questioning is at the root of the very Wisdom the author speaks to.

Testimonial #3

I found this book to be a fresh take on an alternative, post-apocalyptic society that doesn’t shy away from the cruelties of such a reality. I thought the world-building was especially good and I had a strong sense of what life would be like in New Pangaea.

Testimonial #4

I really was looking forward to reading this book. However, New Pangaea is more than reprehensible. Not to say the men did not screw ups badly but some of the choices made by the women were not that great either. Who made the select group of them into "God's" and decide what men and babies should be killed off? The means do not always justify the ends, and the idea of power and control is demonstrated by these women as it was in the men. Not a place I would want to live in.

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