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Psychological Fallout? New Book Coming Soon: Triumph Over Horrific Boyhood Sexual Abuse

Psychological Fallout?

Did you suffer severe problems, as an adult, as a direct result of your childhood sexual abuse?

Did you deal with much pain and suffering after the abuse stopped?

Like a never-ending story, did your repressed memories resurface to torment you later about your past?

Hi. This is Kurt B. Ellis, an author who self-publishes with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.

My book is about a little boy that grew up in the south during the repressive 1960s and was horribly sexually abused. After his abuse, he suffered tremendously from psychological fallout.

My soon-to-be-released realistic fiction book was inspired by actual life events.

My story is centered around this man’s life: a life that is a journey from early boyhood sexual abuse and its effects, his struggles to overcome, his unwavering determination to survive, and his dogged determination to succeed and make something out of himself.

Stay tuned, and let me share more information about some psychological effects adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse deal with.

What are the Psychological Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse?

So, what are some of the psychological effects of childhood sexual abuse? One could write a book about this.

Nevertheless, how one deals with childhood sexual abuse as an adult varies from victim to victim, yet, there are some commonalities.

The primary victim in my book mainly dealt with tremendous shame, embarrassment, humiliation, and inadequacy.

In addition, he dealt with years of low self-esteem, suicide attempts, anxiety, depression, flashbacks, and severe PTSD.

He initially coped by withdrawing into a make-believe world where lies, denials, and suppressed memories gave him solace during his abuse.

For a while, he thought he would get by in his false reality. Yet, in his early forties, the horrid memories of his painful abuse and torment resurfaced with a vengeance.

He suffered for years with trust issues in relationships.

As a young man, he felt used, cheapened, and dirty, like discarded, soiled laundry, too worn to be used again.

He felt like he was damaged goods and unworthy of a meaningful relationship.

He acted out with rampant promiscuity with women, then faithfully gave marriage a try, which ended later in divorce.

After his divorce, he turned to promiscuity with men.

All during this time, he never felt he had a genuine emotional connection, constantly feeling empty inside.

It was not until his mid-fifties that he grew into a meaningful, trusting relationship with a man he later married.

Clearly, in midlife, he had mental health issues. As a result, he sought much-needed therapy to recover. More on this later.

This is just the beginning. I’ve barely touched the surface of the psychological effects of childhood sexual abuse.

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