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Why Format Short Story? – “New Pangaea – Utopia of Revenge: A Rigid Dystopian Society in a Post-Apocalyptic world”

Why Format Short Story?

Today, I’m discussing why I’m formatting my soon-to-be-released short story.

Each publisher has its specific book formatting requirements.    

And having your book accepted by your publisher can become a very frustrating experience if your text is not formatted to their requirements.

You’ll have to deal with many rejections and format it repeatedly until you get it right.

To learn more about why I chose to write a short story, view my video entitled “Short Story Coming Soon?”

Hi. This is Kurt B. Ellis, a science fiction and contemporary fiction author who self-publishes with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.

Stay tuned, and let me share information about how I format books.

How to Format a Book

But how do you format a book?

I will use an example for the short story I’m working on. It’s a spinoff of a book I published in March 2022 called “New Pangaea – Utopia of Revenge: A Rigid Dystopian Society in a Post-Apocalyptic World.”

There are four primary reasons for formatting a book.

First, as stated before, you must meet your publisher’s critical requirements.

Second, before ordering the cover of a paperback or hardcover, you’ll need to establish the page count, so your cover designer will know how thick to set the spine width.

Third, each type of book has specific formatting guidelines. That is, the format for a Kindle or eBook differs from a paperback or hardcover.

Fourth, and probably one of the most important, your book format defines your signature and reputation as an author. This conveys your writing and editing style to your readers.

I use Jutoh, a digital publishing software program by Anthemion Software Ltd.

This is a fantastic publishing tool. I start with my Kindle and then proceed next, in my case, to the paperback.

I take my time, follow the stepwise process, and pay attention to details.

And then, I check the accuracy of the output for each type of book. After that, repeating and redoing is easy until you get it right.

And boom! I have my Kindle and paperback ready to send over to my publisher in just a couple of hours.

My acceptance success rate thus far has been 100% on the first submission, which is rare. And this is something that I’m pretty proud of.

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