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Why a Creed? – “New Pangaea – Utopia of Revenge: A Rigid Dystopian Society in a Post-Apocalyptic World”

Why a Creed?

Today, I’m speaking with you about the Creed, the twelve foundational principles used to define how a new society functioned in my recent book.

The Creed was created after women suffered a terrible post-apocalyptic doom and then suffered tremendously at the hands of their male captors.

After reversing who was in charge and overcoming domination by men, the women assembled, debated ideas, and came up with their Creed.

The Creed defined how they were to live and correct the many wrongs of the past. Evils of the past from the previous world and evils suffered during the recent post-apocalyptic doom.

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Stay tuned, and let me share with you the twelve foundational principles of the Creed.

The Twelve Principles

Listen as I read the twelve principles of the Creed.

First, women will have domination over men.

Second, we (that is women) will serve as one race of people.

Third, we will live as one culture and speak one language.

Fourth, we will worship one religion.

Fifth, we will not participate in or be governed by politics.

Sixth, we will respect Earth and not squander her resources by wasting or hoarding them.

Seventh, we will increase our height and size through selective breeding.

Eighth, our clans will be our families, and everyone will contribute and pull their weight to support their clan.

Ninth, we will live to support and help each other as a unified group. We will not accept laziness, dereliction of duties, or obesity outside of pregnancy.

Tenth, a Council of Elders will govern us. Each clan will appoint an elder who will represent you on this council. Each clan representative will have an equal vote, while the speaker’s ballot will count as two if a tiebreaker is needed. Through consensus, the council will make and change laws. We will respect our elders and obey our laws.

Eleventh, we will be educated, passing our oral history and memories to each generation. Our memories of the previous Earth will be recorded to reference what was good, what we should continue, and what we should leave behind.

And lastly, twelfth, our internal differences will be settled through discussions, negotiations, compromise, and arbitration, not war. We will, however, defend ourselves if attacked from the outside.

The Next Steps

Now practically speaking, realize this is a book of fiction. And nevertheless, none of this is to be taken literally.

Yet, do think about these twelve principles. And ask yourself if some form of these could be or should be used to deal with our current political problems. Because now we may live with significant changes due to recent rulings from the US Supreme Court.

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