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Structure of Society – “New Pangaea – Utopia of Revenge: A Rigid Dystopian Society in a Post-Apocalyptic World”

Structure of Society?

Have you ever wondered how a new society could be structured?

My recent book created a new human society after Earth was reestablished.

Today, I am discussing two foundational principles of this society.

Stay tuned, and let me share with you some critical insights.

About Kurt and His Latest Book

I am Kurt B. Ellis, an author who self-publishes with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.

I have recently published “New Pangaea – Utopia of Revenge: A Rigid Dystopian Society in a Post-Apocalyptic World.”

This is the first book in the series, “Earth, Altered Existence,” and it’s available on Amazon as a Kindle and a paperback.

Foundational Principles?

In my book, a new society was formed after women seized power and took control of men. So naturally, women wanted to correct the wrongs of the past, especially to become better stewards of Earth.

However, they also never wanted to become vulnerable to men again. Thus, two fundamental principles became part of an overarching creed to address their concerns.

One critical principle was about respecting Earth. The women agreed to not squander Earth’s resources by wasting or hoarding.

This meant that humans must control their population growth. Ultimately, the size of the human population could never again grow to deplete Earth’s resources.

A second critical principle was women’s fear of men. Never again did women want to be controlled or be subservient to men.

The women addressed this fear by maximizing their height and body size and creating their own military.

The women used a well-defined selective breeding plan to address solutions to both critical principles.

Of course, the selective breeding plan controlled many aspects of life. However, the main control points were women’s height and size and human population growth.

And this breeding plan was all done at the expense of men.

My Challenge to You

To learn more about the structure of my society and its breeding plan, I challenge you to read my book.

Then think about this society and any parallels to current events, and contact me with your questions. I’d love to hear from you.

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So, explore my new post-apocalyptic world, and escape into my dystopian fantasy.

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Thank you for your time, and have a wonderful day.


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