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ARC stands for “Advanced Review Copy.” It’s a common practice in the publishing world to generate interest in new books by allowing selected readers early access and opportunities to review.

I am looking for avid readers or individuals who may be interested in my topics to get early copies of my book in exchange for an honest review and rating.

Please understand the following:

  • Review copies will be limited. Review copies are for your eyes only, and the content is not to be shared publicly in any way.
  • There is no financial compensation for reviews.
  • You will find out later (before my book’s publication/release) if you’ve been selected to receive a copy.
  • You’ll receive a Kindle copy of my book for download if selected. The Kindle copy will be an EPUB file for use on Kindle Previewer (Amazon’s Kindle app is free, no need to own a Kindle!)
  • To receive the download, you’ll need to send me your email address and carefully follow the below signup form instructions.
  • I will use your email to communicate with you about the date selected to release the advanced copy, my pending publication date, progress on your review, and any other necessary follow-up. Your email address will be only used to communicate with Kurt B. Ellis, the author. It will not be shared with other people or businesses.

On or around my expected publication date, I ask that you leave a written, honest review and rating in the Customer Review area of my newly published book at Amazon.com.

But please do not just leave a rating. I need the review AND rating to help other much-valued readers like yourself generate interest in purchasing my book.

Kurt B. Ellis, the author, realizes this is not a small ask or task. I know that reading and posting an honest review will take committed time and effort.

However, I hope you realize my gratitude for your review. We authors live and die by reviews, and having early reviews posted at the time of publication is critical for the successful launch of a new book.

Your time and effort to read, write, rate, and post honest reviews are most appreciated! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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The 2023 global book awards

Featuring our medal winners and finalists in each of their categories, the Global Book Awards aim to recognize talented authors that have not received the recognition they deserve in self-publishing.

In this modern age of publishing, books need to be appraised not only by their content and writing style, but also by the way they present and market themselves to the prospective buyer, whether that is in the good ratings it has on important stores like Amazon, its book cover and description, or the number of reviews it has collected. They must also appeal to new readers so part of the evaluation included a survey asking avid readers to select the top 5 books they enjoyed the most.

The awards are grouped by category and divided into Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Award Finalists. We congratulate the winners once again and encourage readers to try out their books.

Hello Kurt. Congratulations! We are pleased to confirm your book Boy in the Barn won a medal in this year’s Global Book Awards.

Announced on Sept. 6, 2023, Boy in the Barn: Journey of Triumph Over Horrific Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse, and PTSD was AWARD FINALIST in the 2023 GLOBAL BOOK AWARDS’ category of Politics & Social Sciences.