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Nadia, the Antagonist? – “New Pangaea – Test of Sisterhood: Short Story – Overcoming Arrogance with Sister’s love”

Nadia, the Antagonist?

Today, I’m talking about the supporting character of my latest short story. The supporting character’s name is Nadia.

She’s the antagonist, yet more of a savior or hero than a villain.

The title of my short story is “New Pangaea – Test of Sisterhood: Short Story – Overcoming Arrogance with Sister’s Love.”

Hi. This is Kurt B. Ellis, a science fiction and contemporary fiction author who self-publishes with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.

Stay tuned, and let me share more information about Nadia.

Nadia, the Good Sister

My short story is a spinoff of my recent book, “New Pangaea – Utopia of Revenge: A Rigid Dystopian Society in a Post-Apocalyptic World.”   

In this dystopian short story, Nadia is intelligent, beautiful, sweet, and kind. Yet, life is not kind to her.

A little shorter than her successful and mean-spirited sister, Nadia’s life is mundane.

Fate determines Nadia for a life of servitude. In this dystopian society, Nadia is destined to be a maid to all others of superior rank.

Nadia, nevertheless, accepts her fate and remains pleasant, humble, and loved by all.

And as an act of love for her arrogant sister, Nadia tries to rescue her cruel sister from herself and bring her back down to reality.

Will she succeed? Or will Nadia’s cruel sister turn on her too?

You can learn more about Nadia by reading my short story. And here’s how you can get it.

Where Can My Short Story Be Purchased?

My short story can be purchased at Amazon.com. It is available in Kindle and paperback form.

The paperback is about thirty-eight pages long. The short story should be a reasonably quick read.

You may also visit my website to learn more about my short story.

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